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Secular Homeschooling Resources
Find Secular Homeschool Curriculum and Support Groups
Secular Homeschooling Curriculum – Secular Homeschool Resources
Secular homeschool support groups are available in every state and in the U.K. Find secular homeschool resources including secular homeschooling curriculum.   Non religious families who choose to educate at home can have a hard time finding secular homeschooling resources. Many of the websites and catalogs for homeschool books are designed by and for Christian homeschoolers. Finding non religious homeschool curriculum and secular homeschool support groups takes resourcefulness and persistence. Read more…
Working Vacations on a Farm or Ranch Anywhere in the World
Farm Vacation for Families
Helping holidays are growing in popularity. Like secular mission trips, volunteer vacations are available worldwide. Vacation on a farm, ranch or resort and stay for free.  Volunteer Vacations are nothing new; in fact mission trips have been popular for many years. Secular families, however, don’t often realize there’s a way of combing volunteering and vacationing without religion. Think of it as “Being good for goodness’ sake.” Cross-Cultural Solutions plans and organizes volunteer vacations for families and individuals. Help Exchange connects volunteers with helping holiday opportunities all over the world. Read more…
Secular, Atheist, Agnostic and Other Non Religious Homeschoolers
Find secular homeschool support groups, non religious curriculum and resources for families who are not religious, plus non-Christian homeschool programs. Many people don’t realize that there are so many non-religious homeschoolers. The stereotypical picture of a Christian homeschool family doesn’t reflect the reality of homeschooling for many families. Non-religious homeschoolers exist, whether they’re atheist, agnostic or just plain avoiding the issue. Read more…

Secular Homeschool Curriculum
Homeschooling Material for Non Religious Families
Secular Homeschool Books

Finding homeschool curriculum without references to religion can be a challenge. Education at home doesn’t have to be religious. Secular homeschooling curriculum shopping can be done. There are secular homeschooling resources for families. Several online vendors specialize in non-religious educational supplies. Even some religious catalogs distribute a few non-religious materials and even more vendors distribute books which are both religious and non religious. Read more…

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