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On the “About me” page, I mentioned that we’ve started going to a UU church. Before you burn me at the stake, or think I’m crazy, the kids wanted to learn ABOUT religions and i followed a fe links, and realized that UU doesn’t require that we believe anything specific, they just strive to educate and want us to be respectful with each other. So far, that’s all fine with me.

Anyhow, one of the moms there recommended the book Raising Freethinkers: A Practical Guide for Parenting Beyond Belief
as a possible topic for a class or discussion group. It’s written from an atheist perspective. I love the conversations the author has with his kids. I love the way he answers questions with questions, helping me learn not to simply feed my kids MY personal non-beliefs while encouraging them to explore several different theories and opinions before coming to their own conclusion, or not.

I recommend this series for ANY non-believing parents who may be wanting to raise kids to be good, but not knowing how to do that without injecting religion. It’s nice to be supported in raising children with real life morals that don’t carry the burden of imaginary consequences that are inflicted by a vengeful imaginary god.

The series helps you teach your kids how to see through religion, how to respond to the religious doom and gloom their friends may be touting and how to teach kids to think logically on their own without adopting the insanity of the religious pop culture.

Here’s an interview with the author

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