Wanna donate to Atheist missionaries?

UPDATE- the cruise is postphoned until April 2011 because of the earthquake damage. Please use these charities, in a note recommended by the Girl Scouts

We’re planning to go on a cruise in April, the Unschooling Adventure Cruise. The price is surprisingly inexpensive, about $100/night per person. Still, we have a big family. It’s a lot. We’re using our tax return (whenever it arrives…) but we still need to do some fundraising.

I just discovered that the itinerary originally planned for the day we’ll spend in Labadee, Haiti, was replaced with clean-up work, which is really exciting.

From the cruise coordinator:

“We have organized for our day there to include volunteering to help clean up after the earthquake. This is going to be an *awesome* opportunity for families to experience hands-on work in a country that desperately needs our help.”

I love that we’ll be able to participate in a big-group-helping project that is NOT from a religious perspective.

I don’t know about you, but it always bothers me that so many efforts to volunteer and help on a large scale occur in the name of religion. This one is in the name of LOVE- and KINDNESS. We’re so excited to be part of this.

My family would appreciate any and all donations to help with this trip. PLEASE use paypal to send donations to kathy@atheisthomeschool.com
or use the sidebar button.

It’s not a tax write-off, sorry.

Thank you 🙂

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