Dr Tiller is with Jesus

I’m just shocked by whoever murdered the abortion doctor, Dr Tiller. In case someone happens to read this a few years from now- here’s the news. A doctor who performs late-term abortions was shot at the door of his church by an anti-abortion activist.

It’s likely the shooter believed he was doing God’s work. As if the all-powerful God couldn’t have killed the man himself with a heart attack or a chicken bone, or a sudden shellfish allergy.

If they believe that the dead return to Jesus or something, then how can they believe that abortion is wrong? Aren’t the abortionists just sending these unborn babies to be with Jesus? Isn’t life with Jesus supposed to be better than life here?

Not to mention the idea that the doctor was Christian and therefore, saved. So they just rewarded this man with a one-way ticket to hang out with Jesus in heaven.

And in the process, they broke one of the ten commandments to not kill.

But it’s OK because they’re forgiven, too.

Dr Tiller just had a different personal rule for when abortion was technically wrong. He examined each patient to see if he believed- in his professional opinion- whether or not the fetus would be able to live on its own, to survive premature birth.

How this is any different or less responsible than the arbitrary 12 weeks of pregnancy that divide the current abortion rules- i do not know.

Personally- as a mother of a large family- I cannot imagine why someone would get an abortion. Personally, I loved pregnancy and even the transformative nature of childbirth. I celebrate, honor and love womanhood and childbirth, it’s one of the most amazing and powerful aspects of life on this earth.

Even for rape victims, I don’t think abortion solves anything- they still have that awful memory which could have been replaced by the welcoming of a baby, with their little belly laughs and slobbers, so charming & sweet.

Life has so many ups & downs- Children are definitely an “up”

I personally believe that humans are more sane and less selfish when they’ve given their life to a child.

However- that’s just me.

Who the hell am I to say that someone else shouldn’t get their abortion.

Do I think it makes them bad- um, NO- I’m sad that they’re losing what could have been an awesome experience of parenthood.

But I also realize that not all parents find it wonderful, not everyone loves the belly, not everyone can handle it, and not everyone wants to.

One thing “they” can do to end a few abortions, is to offer scholarships and tax credits to women who give babies up for adoption.

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