School in the Summer?

We just got a huge box full of School supplies. What on earth is an unschooler doing spending $2500 at Rainbow Resource Center? Quick answer, satiating mom’s curriculum addiction. I guess that’s about it. We got year 3 of History Odyssey level one and two (not sure why we didn’t get level 3) We also got a bunch of high school economics books, chemistry, biology, educational software, 6 years of math for my soon-to-be 2nd grader, a bunch of science activity kits, 2 more yrs of Saxon for my oldest daughter, a new math program for my middle schooler, tons and tons of art supplies (over 50 bottles of paint, but no paintbrushes, isn’t that lame) Anyhow- I will be reviewing everything here, so stay tuned… is it just me or do you LOVE historical fiction?

One thought on “School in the Summer?

  1. Heidi Nowaczewski

    I am looking forward to the reviews. What are the grade levels? I am also a curriculum junkie!!

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