Bwahahaaaa, “we are handing you over to Satan”

If this is not the most hilarious, ridiculous thing ever. And can you believe they didn’t even give a department mailing address so Satan can request the poor guy’s transcripts and permanent record. What a bunch of jerks. Thanks for the laugh, Cornerstone Reformed Church

4 thoughts on “Bwahahaaaa, “we are handing you over to Satan”

  1. Michael

    Oh.. What a lucky person. Thrown out of a group of self-disillusioned, high minded, narcissistic bigots. Well, now to join the human race as a someone who cares and can freely think. I find it interesting that it is a reformed church. I once had a discussion with a reformed pastor about when it is good and appropriate to lie. I used hiding a Jewish family from the Nazi’s was a good time to lie like a dog. He informed me that it was wrong because God’s honor was more important than the lives of people. I asked him why he thought that saving the lives of innocent Jews affronted God’s honor. He didn’t have an answer to that… I guess his seminary forgot to tell him the response to that one. About every discussion I had with this young man reveled some lack of even common sense. Calvinism especially has the knack to cloud ones mind and boggle the senses.

  2. God Bless Your Sinful Souls

    I don’t think that’s real. Then again, you atheists never question anything.

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