Waterboarding a toddler?

Oh for Christ’s sake- this fucking idiot tortured his 4 yr old daughter because she didn’t know her ABC’s.

So- this jerk probably didn’t start out this way, I’m sure he was born normal just like everyone else. He learned this particular brand of insanity from the US Armed Forces. Sargeant Joshua Tabor served 15mos in Iraq.

When will people see that you can’t just train someone to be a cold-blooded murderer and expect them to be able to function in society.

War is wrong.
Torturing toddlers is wrong.

This man had court-appointed custody.

Here’s the news story.

6 thoughts on “Waterboarding a toddler?

  1. Natalie (Geek)

    That’s so sad. I was overjoyed at the end, though. “When police put the worried grandma on the phone, the little girl cried from happiness, the police report says.”

    We expect people to transition to normal society and many times it’s something they’re incapable of doing.

  2. Kathy Post author

    I know, that warmed my heart, too. Poor sweet baby, I have a 4 yr old and I can’t imagine handling her body against her objections, or harming her in any way. The image of that little girl warm and safe in a Grandma’s arms made me feel better, too.

  3. Milton

    I guess we can ask, did the military let this “mental deficient” into their ranks or did they make this normal guy in this “mental deficient”. Even Ronald Reagan said that water boarding was torture, but I guess Cheney and his gay daughter are the brain trust on this lie that has been perpetuated onto the American people and signed off by the GOP.

  4. SrA

    First, sociopaths, by the time they reach adulthood can be very skilled at wearing their “Mask of Sanity”. Second, if this man had tortured his kid using a non-U.S.-approved technique, think this would have been more than a blurb on the nightly news? Seriously doubt it. There are over 1.4 million people serving the DoD, some of them are going to be bad eggs, probably in a similar percentage as in normal society.

  5. Celeste

    OMG, this story made me sick to my stomach. I agree, hearing she had a safe place to turn made me actually tear up. I hope she can be helped to move on and have a good life…and that the asshole who fathered her gets it in the corn hole.

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