Caption this crazy religious picture

Oh wow- this could be a regular feature here at

Think of a caption for this picture. I stole it from the blog of a Christian lady, who says her kids were saying “Bow down to Jesus” as they played.

Have fun… best comment wins… um… the joy of knowing that you made all 7 of my readers giggle.


11 thoughts on “Caption this crazy religious picture

  1. Marva

    “Come on hold it now for 5….4…feeling the burn?..3… do you see the light?….2…..and 1…. you’re saved now, let’s do some stretching.

  2. The Biggest Loser

    Who IS this guy, what is he pointing at, what’s with the funky robe and sash, and why is he interrupting our last chance workout? Hey, where did Bob and Jillian go, anyway?

  3. DuG

    “Get down, you lot, and give me infinite push-ups until one of you worthless heathens can actually do something cool like turning water into wine…”

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