Monthly Archives: September 2009

Crazy religious freaks

So I come across this website for “missionaries behind bars” and find reports of some woman in prison- the writing is mainly done by her children, or typed in from letters she’s sent. She’s cleaning the kitchen, she’s trying to get into a halfway house and hoping to be released early, except she’s not. She;s PRAYING for early release.  As if God can decide to influence her captors.  Like if she’s godly enough she can go home. I’m reading line after line of endless lame dribble about her prayers and wondering- what the heck did she do?  Of course it says nothing of her crimes on the website, so I had to google “hovind prison” to discover the truth.

Her and her husband were running some kind of bogus creationism cult and didn’t pay taxes. This is America, you can do whatever dumb-ass thing you want, as long as you pay taxes on it, OK. her husband claims to be a Dr but that’s debatable.

I just don’t get why these people cling to religion like this. Why beg God to send you home. Wouldn’t you say “God wants me here?” isn’t denying reality somewhat of a sin?  it should be. I wonder if she says that Satan is the root of her imprisonment?  Because that would be like saying that Satan was more powerful than God. I wonder if they plan to pay their taxes from now on.

Can people get any stupider?