Monthly Archives: April 2009

Love curriculum

How about homeschooling because the world is a fantastic wonderful place where good people choose to be good and bad people choose to be bad and everyone is worthy of love, simply because love makes us human. Teaching tolerance, respectfulness, and love of all living things is a far more lofty and logical goal than teaching a child to adhere to the text of ancient fiction, and to follow the arbitrary rules of an invisible creator who determines your fate after you die. Instead of honoring that you determine your CURRENT existence. It’s really garbage, isn’t it. Do they realize how much hatred they’re instilling in their children by teaching them to HATE those who disagree? It’s really quite ugly and depressing to hear about things like “Child Evangelism Fellowship” that teach little kids to be warriors for Christ?????? What about being defenders for animals, the elderly, the starving or the disabled or something?