Monthly Archives: March 2009

Who Did This?

I remember being in High School. My Aunt was a hard working lady who slaved away to support her child, she was a single parent. The baby’s father had left her alone to care for him and it was the 70’s, she worked hard. I remember her being promoted at work and Thanking God over and over again. I remember wondering Why she was thanking God? God can’t hear her. And God isn’t the one who worked his ass off for her to get that promotion. WHy couldn’t she give herself any credit for it?

Later, when tragedy struck, my same Aunt said “It was God’s will.” What the heck? He gets credit for everything good and blame for everything bad. Is there no personal responsibility here? No wonder religious people are crazy, it makes no fucking sense.

I can’t imagine how lost and hopeless life would be if I had no personal responsibility for my outcome, if everything lied at the hands of some God’s crazy whims, that are all part of a plan I dont’ know about.

Get a clue people- you’re making all of this up and it doesn’t even make sense.

A cross in my yard

You might wonder why I have a cross in my yard. Um- yeah, when I moved into this house, it reminded me of the Amityville horror, because it’s a white farmhouse, and even though I’ve never seen the movie, I think this is what it looked like. Anyways, there was a little grave in the yard, and I thought it was cute, it totally blended in with the garden ornaments, and I liked the ring of stones that was placed around it, so we’re keeping it. The kids can play funeral, plus it kind of freaks people out, which can be fun. What would you do? Would you keep the grave in the flowerbed? There are a lot of other garden ornaments, no gazing ball but I”ll get one. The flower beds are beautiful. I can’t wait to see Spring in this house.

How to make your kid gender-confused


I don’t know where gay people come from, I’m sure it’s not that big of a deal. However, I’m pretty sure I know how a mom can nurture a boy into gender confusion. Pink is just a color, OK. I guess it’s actually the awesome gal who sings “So what,” but it’s a color. Pink (the color) has no sexuality involved, it’s just a color. If you want to raise a boy with gender confusion issues, you can freak out every time he touches anything pink. And then, even though he doesn’t want to take dance classes, you can sign him up and watch his football-loving-homophobic father tease him about being girly, being a fag and make fun of him for dancing. Then, let the boy watch the parents fight over the dance classes. Because mom (who wants a cultured kid who enjoys the symphony) will be defending the boy’s right to enjoy dance classes (that the kid never expressed an interest in, 3 year olds really just do what their parents drive them to) and Dad will be projecting his misguided and lame sexuality perspectives upon a child who probably can’t even pronounce the name of his parts yet. Yeah- these folks need mental counseling. And yes, the Dad is religious, too. It’s really ridiculous, isn’t it?

In whose image?

What is it with Christians thinking that people are so lowly and awful? I just don’t get it. If humans were, according to their own story, created in God’s image, then shouldn’t they believe that we’re perfect? Aren’t people all born perfect? I know my kids were. Every wrong or naughty thing I can see in them is a direct result of my faulty parenting. Seriously. When they fight, it’s not because God cursed them because Eve at an apple, it’s because they were abandoned while I was working too much for 3 years and they still have some communication issues but we’re working on it. I wouldn’t dare blame some mythical woman from the beginning of time.