Monthly Archives: February 2009

Evil music

Christian music has subliminal messages and children should not listen to it. Why are Christians so down on themselves. I guess it’s so genius, really. Convince a large group of people that they’re all fouled up deep down in their soul, and that the only way they can be OK is if they believe some something from over 2000 years ago. It’s funny, my daughter likes to read the Twilight books, and she talks about the characters all the time. Our nazi-neighbors daughter said “You can’t believe everything you read in a book.” I thought that was ironic. Actually, my daughter caught it before I did. Good girl! Poor kid next door, I think she gets beat up at school a lot. She tries to play violent with my daughter and when my daughter says something like “I’m not coming to your house because you’re violent” She says “I’m just preparing you for school.” WHAT??? I’m sure she’s being bullied at school, she’s grown increasingly sadder as the year has gone by.

Magic is Evil

I always wonder how religious people can be so upset about magical creatures on TV and in movies, but a Christian Author writes about Dragons and it’s OK? Just because the author is Christian? Whatever- Pssst… wanna sell a bunch of copies of your magical creature book in a saturated market? Tell them you’re Christian and you can break into a segment of the population that really wants to read that stuff but isn’t allowed. Psssst… One more thing. Don’t tell them you heard it here. Yeah, the idea that imaginary creatures are obviously evil (unless they’re invented by a Christian) but God and Jesus and Satan and Angels are real- OK, what logic is this? And reindeers fly.

My Sister’s friend…

Apparently my sister’s high school friend is a bitter atheist. I know the girl, she was raised Catholic and had quite a horrible childhood. Her father, a truck driver, was almost fatally injured when she was little. He was a vegetable in a wheelchair for almost 20 years after the accident. Her mother was, well, she meant well, but she was a bit nutty and a terrible housekeeper (way worse than me) and she was actually quite mean to the kids, it was very sad. I think there were 4 kids in the family. Anyways, this girl is the “angry with God” type, according to my sister. Whose perspective isn’t quite unbiased because she’s upset with the gal over other things. Oh well, it’s not even my story.

The Invisible Pink Unicorn

I loved this blog’s name; “The Invisible Pink Unicorn; Overcoming Irrationality one post at a time.” Genius. I really have a secret goal for atheism. I am hoping that social networking and music and the internet can reach some of these kids in the horribly religious homes and show them “the light” of reason, and expose them to the idea that it’s all bunk. I feel so sad for kids who are so indoctrinated with garbage that they don’t even realize it’s clearly ridiculous. I am hoping that the idea of “The Invisible pink Unicorn” can reach some of those poor kids. Because really, we have some personal power. I think people who lay all their hopes & dreams in the pink unicorn fail to see that they are really in charge. Maybe they like to be powerless.

So glad to live in the PNW

Because apparently it’s one of the easier places to be an atheist. I also find it interesting that we have a higher concentration of millionaires than anywhere else in the country. Our residents also read more per week than in other places. I used to blame it on the rain but you know what, we;re just plain smarter. I used to live in Iowa. Now I wasn’t in a college town, I was in an area with about 8000 people within an hour’s drive, and 90% of them were retired. However, the working class average Joe was obese and clearly mentally deficient. I could never have shown a glimmer of atheism there, they would have hauled me out of the buffet line and had me forcibly exorcised.

Why I keep my mouth shut

I read an article today that talked about how Proposition 8 holds a lesson for atheists. Basically, the article stated that if we want true equality we should stand up, identify ourselves and stop hiding. Not me, though. I live in a really conservative area. Plus, my kids and I will be alienated by our “friends” I use quotation marks because how good of friends can we really be if we don’t share this perspective. Well, that’s not true I guess. We’re friends, I just don’t share a deep connection with them because whenever they start yapping about Jesus, my eyes glaze over and I puke in my mouth. I am sure if they knew what I really think they’d burn me at the stake or something, which brings us to the point about why we hide. Fear. Damn straight. That’s self-preservation, it’s how humanity has survived for so long.

What a long road

I wanted to share an article with you, it’s about how prejudiced people are, and that the only minority group people simply can not “forgive” is the Atheists. Something like that. You should read it, and make of it what you will. I think it’s funny that people just can’t grasp the idea that the magic man in the sky is fake, because I just can’t grasp the idea that it’s real. Nor can I understand why so many people are so hung up on it. Why does there HAVE to be something invisible? Why is it so obvious to them that invisible things are real? How can so many people agree about things they can’t bee based on- what? Translations of translations and interpretations of several old books and manuscripts all translated and rewritten and bound together. What a crock of garbage.